Enhance your attendees' experience by integrating smart matchmaking

Toasty analyzes profiles to match your attendees

Sophisticated algorithm Toasty's A.I. technology scans through every data point to understand your event participants

Totally configurable Every event is different. You can tell us your most important matching criteria to create a unique formula

Friction-free setup Integration with LinkedIn makes it easy to login and get started

Smart recommendations make conferences valuable

Meet the right people Attendees meet new people. They share knowledge with each other and build valuable business relationships during your event

Powerful search Attendees can search and filter profiles to find the right conversations and avoid wasting time

Behavioural learning As more connections are created, our A.I. algorithm knows what matter to your attendees and becomes smarter over time

What she says

"Toasty is truly great. The pain point is very clear - it always bothers me to try to find who to start a conversation with at a networking event."

Nina Rong Owner of GAAS / Conference Attendee of TECOM Beijing

Book chats/meetings with a single click

Meeting schedule Your attendees can view own schedule alongside other’s schedule and receives suggested available time slot to meet

Mutual interest A meeting is confirmed only when both attendees agree

Personal information is hidden No email or mobile number is shared until both parties agree to connect

Collect an ocean of data to improve your next event 

Trackable meeting metrics Understand your event ROI by measuring meeting requests, confirmed meetings and conversation frequency  

Foreseeable future Make use of data like attendee’s interests to improve your next event  


Match. Meet. Exchange.

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