Create an impactful conference that fosters the right conversations and relationships

Crafting a delightful event experience that fits everyone’s taste is challenging. Toasty’s interactive technology solves this by bringing the right people together for conversations, all without getting you, the busy event organizer, involved.

Benefits of Using Matchmaking Software

Get data and measure ROI

Turn your conference into a platform filled with opportunities, whether they're business-oriented or learning-oriented

Reach your attendees through targetting

Give your attendees matches based on their business objectives or interests, such as mentorship or job opportunities

Maximize brand

With a dedicated meeting area with numbered tables, no more fuss over when and where to meet up

Conference Use Case

Listen to what your delegates are saying 

Delegates nowadays are more direct and like to get straight down to business. They are asking for more and better networking opportunities to achieve their business goals. Toasty allows them to pre-screen each other's profile and schedule meetings before the event, or engage in real-time in-person group chats, maximizing their time during the 2-day conference.

Drive in-person interactions 

Modern delegates love meeting people in person, and they perfer and enjoy fruitful 1:1 conversations. Toasty’s role is facilitating a targeted face-to-face networking experience, starting these connections online with the help of our tech and quickly bringing them offline.

Prove that your conference is worth the money 

Delegates are smarter now than ever. While conference ticket prices are getting higher, delegates must justify their ROI to decide whether it is a conference worth attending. In most cases, having 3-4 relevant and valuable meetings at your conference already proves to the delegate the value of the ticket price.

They want to meet, help them 

There are always two groups of people at your conference that would love to meet each other: A) Investors and Startups, B) German companies and Chinese companies, C) Brands and Vendors, D) Employers and Employees. Now, provide a platform to scale your matching program.

Case Study

Toasty @ CHina CHat 2019 in Shanghai

Learn how Toasty helped the organizer of CHina CHat provide a targeted networking experience to their delegates and make sure everyone develops valuable connections.

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"I wish to get hooked up with Toasty for each event I am landing on. They take networking from awkward to awesome by finding an easy path to lasting value-add connections. The formula is straightforward, cut through the noise, break the ice, get matched and connect."

Adrien Pelegri Product Manager at The CareVoice Conference Attendee of CHina CHat

Match. Meet. Exchange.

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