Foster a learning & sharing environment at your event

Your event is a platform to bring like-minded people together, but not everyone knows what to talk about. Toasty’s real-time interactive technology helps you connect people for group chats, so that everyone can learn and share something with one another.

Benefits of Using Toasty

Get data and measure ROI

Who is a like-minded person in the room? "I have no idea!" Eliminate thoughts like this from your event participants

Reach your attendees through targetting

Lots of conversations require lengthy introductions. It is easier to get to know people through a topic of interest

Maximize brand

Make your event engaging through a real-time, simple, and fun game

Event Use Case

Make your events stand out by encouraging knowledge-sharing

People intrinsically love to learn, and we crave to improve ourselves by getting inspirations from others. You put together an awesome event with great speakers, but you let your attendees get lost in knowing the most relevant people in the room. In fact, you can easily facilitate great connections by introducing Toasty.

A vibrant community is built on great chats at your event

You want your event participants to come back next time. This is your community. When will they come back? It is when they have amazing conversations and takeaways from your event.

Easy set up with no fuss

If you’re worried how much effort it takes to set up Toasty for your event, stop worrying. Toasty can be set up within 1-minute and you can make conversations flow at your event for hours.

Match. Meet. Exchange.

Start using Toasty's technology to improve your event!

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