How to run Focus Groups on Toasty

Focus groups are a top growing, qualitative market research technique for brands.

Usually with 1 host and several 5-6 participants, the general format is to set the context to let participants know why they are invited, going over some logistics, ground rules and setting the stage for the question(s) that follow.

To run an effective focus group, you want to be as unbiased as possible.

Your questions should be clear and simple to understand. Because you’re conducting virtually, you’d want the least amount of distraction your audience will face. This guide will show you how to do all this with Toasty.

👉🏻 Start with a clear context

👉🏻 Remain Neutral

👉🏻 Let everyone be heard

👉🏻 Your session note in one place

focus group 01

Start with a clear context

Often in your focus group efforts involve showing visuals of your latest product feature. But doing screen share is often cumbersome and non-interactive.

With Toasty, you can use either the Figma or Miro integrations.

Your focus group participants’ videos are in clear view as you explain the context and introduce how your product will solve a specific problem. You do all this on the same screen, as there’s no need to ask participants to open another screen.


focus group 02

Remain neutral

When you are looking to avoid groupthink, a condition where members of a group are affected by previously voiced opinions, you absolutely need the “Ask” activity.

participants' experience

The "Ask" activity

Participants are asked to write out their answer in a given time period, and are not shown other responses until they’ve submitted theirs.

Use this activity at key points in your focus group to uncover underlying insights and get to know what they *really* think.

The "Poll" activity

You can get the same effect by running a Poll.

You can set it up to enable multiple choice answers, as well as a "quiz mode" to keep multiple choice answers secret from other participants.

focus group 03

Let everyone be heard

There are times where you want the participants to vocally express their opinion.

In this case, use the Discuss activity, which sets up a turn-based activity where each focus group participant gets an equal amount of time to answer a certain question.

This helps keep the time shared equally among the participants to keep overly talkative participants in check, and allow enough time for more reserved participants to formulate the responses.


focus group 04

Your sessions notes in one place

After running sessions over a few times, you’d want to hop into your Dashboard, and check the session history.

You can see each session in its own history, all the activities that were run.

You can export the session log into a Google Doc to share with your teammates for further internal discussions.


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