How to run Speed Networking on Toasty

Networking is an activity of meeting interesting and relevant people.  

In the virtual meeting world, networking is broken and a pain to host, until now.

With Toasty, you can design an experience that delights participants, is flexible for many use cases, and requires no effort on your part to host.

There are two predefined networking formats: 1-on-1 and Cross-group networking

This guide will show you how to host awesome networking events on Toasty.

👉🏻 1-on-1: meet everyone else exactly once

👉🏻 Cross-group: meet everyone from another group once

👉🏻 Networking on autopilot


1-on-1: meet everyone else exactly once

This is as easy as it sounds.

You can run a speed networking event by sending  6 to 60 people, to a Toasty room.

On your Toasty Agenda, select the Networking activity. 

You’d want to change the duration to how long each conversation should take.

Then, customize what you want the prompts on the Profile Card to say. 

Profile Cards
Networking works best when conversations start naturally, when both parties begin with some kind of context.

So, before we actually match people, we ask everyone to fill out their Profile Card.

You can customize the question however you like to suit your networking use case.

Profile card sample

Now, people matching up can have a topic or fact about the people they are about to meet. 

Once you create the networking activity, there will be two blocks added to the Agenda.

One to ask everyone to fill in their Profile Cards, and the other to actually do the matching.

Agenda with profile card

You can choose to run networking like any other Toasty activity.

When a match happens, Toasty moves the matched pair automatically to a breakout room for a private conversation. 

And, Toasty will automatically rotate people to their next match when time’s up.

You really just have to "press play".


Cross-group: meet everyone from another group once

You can run a networking activity where you want one group to meet another, like a virtual job fair.

Virtual Job Fair

In a job fair, you want to invite a group of candidates to match with each member from another group, the prospective employers.

Thanks to Toasty’s Cross-group matching mode, this is again braindead easy.

With this mode, you get to specify the Profile Cards for each group.

For instance, on the Candidates’ side you can ask,

“What’s your proudest achievement to date?”

And for the Employers side,

“What is the #1 requirement you’re looking for?”

How to fill out a profile card

As with 1:1 mode, when matching happens, Toasty will move the matched pair automatically to a breakout room for a private conversation. 

If there are more candidates than employers, they remain in the main room with a timer to show when their next match would be.


Networking on autopilot

Your value as a host is limited by the fact that we can’t clone your facilitation / hosting skills -- or can we?

One of the advanced features is your ability to put your sessions on autopilot.

Simply flip the switch to “Autopilot Agenda”, and invite people to join.

Autopilot networking

The timing of the Networking activity is fixed and will automatically move to the next matches until every candidate has met every prospective employer.

And that’s it. You just learned how to run a virtual networking event on Toasty.

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