How to run a Virtual Workshop on Toasty

Workshops are one of the most direct and powerful methods to pass on specific skill set training to a small group of people. 

While the format varies greatly with the topic of focus, there is usually 1 host and many participants, typically not more than 40. 

To run a meaningful workshop, you want your participants to engage as much as possible.

To teach is to engage. 

Some of our smartest users make use of timed activities and varying group interactions to keep participants on their toes, while getting feedback on how your training is going in real-time.

As always, you’d want the least amount of distraction your audience will face.

This guide will show you how to do all this with Toasty.

👉🏻 Start structured. Remain flexible.

👉🏻 Mix it up with Breakouts

👉🏻 Real-time feedback with Polls

👉🏻 Keep an organized session log


Start structured. Remain flexible.

You’d never run a live workshop without an agenda - a plan to successfully engage your participants. Likewise, a virtual workshop cannot live without a good agenda. 

With Toasty, the agenda is front and center for your planning. Did you know that your planned activities directly design 

Start Structured


Mix it up with Breakouts

One of the key aspects of hosting a dynamic workshop is the use of breakout rooms. As the attention span tends to wane around the 10-minute mark, do your participants a favor by adding some movement. Using Toasty, you can do this in 4 different ways: by random, from a poll result, pre-assigned and free-to-roam.




This one is quite straightforward. Simply decide how many people you want in one group, then let Toasty randomly assign them on your behalf.

Keep in mind that as a host, you can still manually move people around even after the groups have been formed, at any time.


From a Poll result

You can mix it up by having breakout groups based on a previous Poll result.

You can put the people who answered similarly together, or intentionally separate them to get more diversity in each group.



This is for you who want specific people to be grouped together ahead of time.

You can specify exactly how you want the breakout groups to work by putting your participants’ emails and group number in a comma-separated-value (CSV) file and upload it in that Group’s settings.


Open  Rooms

The last option is truly liberating. It’s called “Open Rooms” because its virtual doors are always open. 

In this mode, your participants can pop in and out of any room, choosing a topic they care about the most. You can put specific instructions, like collaborating on Miro, to let participants know what to expect and how to interact inside the open rooms.

workshop 03

Real-time feedback with Polls

There are times where you want to check in on the participants to see if they’re still with you. Using the Poll activity, you can get a quick sense of bringing everyone along in sync, without skipping a beat. 

Equivalent to a “show of hands” in a live setting, this simple action helps keep the participants engaged, by prompting a question and an easy way to respond. 

You can, at a glance, check the overall state of your participants, without taking extra time to ask each of them whether they’re following along with what you just explained.

Real time feedback with polls

Workshop 04

Keep an organized session log

After running sessions over a few times, you’d want to hop into your Dashboard, and check the session history.

You can export the session log into a Google Doc to share with your teammates for further internal discussions.

And that’s one (of many) ways you can run a virtual workshop on Toasty.


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