How Toasty Loves Miro? ❤️ Let’s Count the Ways

Ever since integrating Miro into Toasty last July, it’s been nothing but love.

In this post, we’ll look at our Top 3 favorite things about Miro.

Check out our email exchanges 👇

We emailed them about integrating last July…

Toasty writes Miro
(July 15, 2020)

This is them being super helpful…

Miro writes back
(July 16, 2020)

And then helping us some more …

Miro offering help
(July 31, 2020)

And us writing back!

The only visual whiteboard you’ll ever need

If you are collaborating online, use Miro. It’s the most easy-to-use, feature-complete, online visual whiteboard tool widely available.

Their Home page
Their Home page

Like Toasty, it’s free to use indefinitely. No credit card needed. Go make an account if you don’t have one already.

With Meetings & Workshops as their #1 use case, they’ve made it clear that running productive, engaging remote meetings is their objective.

Meetings & Workshops is #1
Meetings & Workshops is #1

Interesting… 🤔

Meetings & Workshops are also our #1 use case at Toasty! 😆

With a shared canvas of unlimited size and endless possibilities, it can get overwhelming.

Luckily for us, there’s the “Miroverse”, a universe of templates by the community.

1. Miroverse Templates

templates of all kinds
templates of all kinds

Overall, they did a splendid job categorizing the templates. You can search by topic, or browse through their entire catalog.

These templates aren’t meant to be exhaustive, but more to inspire you for what’s possible.

In fact, it’s inspired us to submit two icebreaker templates of our own — which we are excited to get accepted soon!

More to come on this. 😙

2. Miro has Integrations Galore

Their 70+ integrations

There are 70+ integrations available on Miro: Slack, Notion, Atlassian, Airtable, the list goes on and on…

Of all the integrations, the one that has a special place in our hearts is, our own 😛

Using Toasty to share your Miro whiteboard is perhaps THE most satisfying experience.

Log in to your Toasty Dashboard and plan a session. Then, look for the “M” (Miro’s logo) on the side bar, and load up any board from your account.

Miro works out of the box inside Toasty
Miro works out of the box inside Toasty

From here, you can play an embedded video, start an ice breaker, break out participants into topical rooms, all in an agenda you can plan ahead of time.

Why should you use Miro inside Toasty?

See what our customer, Shani, who is a professional facilitator, has to say about choosing Toasty to host her Miro workshops.

One of the ways she uses our Poll feature is simple but brilliant.

By asking her participants to vote “YES” as a way to mark whether they’re ready for her to review that participants’ section of the Miro board.

This way, she enables each of her workshop participants to work in flow, remain engaged with her workshop, and move forward without wasting any time or attention.

Find out more here.

3. Community Included

There’s a lot of people using Miro. And it shows in their community. With over 3,500 topics and 12,000+ replies, it’s braindead easy to find other users and read about what they have done.

A few interesting threads we found useful:

So there you have it. The Top 3 Things Toasty LOVES about Miro.

And as we can see, all in all, every Miro user can benefit from the Toasty experience!

Team Miro, if you’re reading this, help us spread the love. ❤️ Sincerely, Team Toasty