Do virtual meetings right, effortlessly.

An in-depth exploration into what makes the meeting experience good, and how to do it right all the time, effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this for? All team leaders, community leaders, anyone who needs to run a meeting regularly.
  • Why should I read this? Find out why meetings go bad and what you’re missing out by keeping the way you are currently running meetings.
  • How much do bad meetings cost each year? An immense figure that becomes a cost to you.
  • What are the key inefficiencies in every meeting? Identify key aspects of a meeting to optimize, using a framework, and scorecard.
  • How is this going to impact me? Quantify the impact of meeting quality on team efficiency
  • Is there a solution to all this? Yes. With a printable cheat-sheet to help you gauge meeting quality
  • PLUS: A surprise offer inside

Advanced Reviews from Leaders

“… we have resigned to the fact that ineffective meetings are a necessary evil. The idea that meetings can be innovated upon is very unique. Eric has articulated a vision that is invigorating, one that will change everyone’s expectation of what meetings should and can be.”

Kenny LamAsia CEO, Two Sigma

In This Free E-Book, You Will Learn:

  • The Manifesto that started it all. “Meet right, or not at all” is a 10-point manifesto on the state of virtual meetings, challenging our status quo beliefs, and a pledge to innovate a way towards better meetings (interactions) around the world.
  • A Way to Score Meeting Quality, Revealed. The #1 pain-in-the-behind gets a mega upgrade. Take back control when the meeting is not going well. We’ll peel back the curtain to show a simple way to “score” your meeting as it happens, and have metrics for you to track effectiveness. 
  • Show Companies and Startups that are Leading Innovation. We’ll take a look at who’s who, what they’ve done to innovate meetings, and how you can benefit from their innovation.