Product: Collaborate freely on a Miro whiteboard

Hi there, Kevon here. ☘

During workshops, brainstorming, and planning, a virtual whiteboard is an important tool to level up collaboration. We partnered up with Miro so that you can now add it easily to your Toasty session.

Miro whiteboard

One of the biggest struggles when you use Zoom + Miro is that everyone has to juggle between the two platforms all the time. What this means is that:

  • You’re losing your audience’s attention when you do that
  • You’re spending loads of time trying to help them with the tools transition

Now on Toasty, you have a Miro icon on the sidebar. You can use the whiteboard in the main room with everyone, or you can form breakout groups and have each group work on a different area of the board. The best part is that everything is saved in your free Miro account so you can continue later.

📋 The Miro integration is available now in your Toasty account! Use it to guide your next virtual meeting or workshop to achieve great outcomes.