Product: Google Suite Integration, Drop-n-Drop Agenda, Form Breakout with Poll

Hi all, Kevon here. Stepping into the Fall season. 🍃 🍂 🍁 

We’re excited to announce a few new features on Toasty to give you the power in virtual meetings like you never had before. Let’s dive into them!

Google Suite Integration: Doc, Slide, Sheet

Illustrative image of Toasty and Google Suite Integration

We all love Google tools and we use them every day. The challenge when using it during video call is that 1) You cannot easily see everyone’s video plus have the doc open and 2) You always have to share the link so that everyone opens on their own.

That sounds like a lot of work already. Now on Toasty, anyone in the meeting can connect a Google file in their own drive and instantly share with everyone in the session. You’ll also still see everyone as the videos move the side. Google Suite integration is now easy peasy!

Drop-n-Drop Agenda

Illustrative Image of Drop-n-drop agenda

We listen. As a lot of you commented that the way you have to move activities up & down is inefficient. We put in our apple juice, orange juice, and creative juice to design a drop-and-drop way so that you can easily re-arrange your agenda anytime.

You can even name each activity block so that you’ll know what you’ve planned for your session. Isn’t that nice?

Form Breakout with Poll

Illustrative image of Forming Breakout with Poll

A signature feature of Toasty is how you can use poll results to determine the breakout group combination. This is effective because relevance gives people an even better environment to collaborate.

Still using “Random” to form breakout groups? Try this!

Hope you enjoy our latest update :)!

🍇 All these features are available now in your Toasty account! Plan a session and invite your colleagues, friends, and communities in.