Product: Launching Who Said That

Hi there 👋 It’s Toasty’s head of product Jack, back with another feature launch. This is one I’m especially proud of!

We’ve been working hard to make your events even more fun and memorable, so I’m excited to share our latest feature with you – it’s a guessing game called Who Said That.

Who Said That is fast, easy to play and brings a bit of friendly competition while at the same time breaking the ice and helping your participants learn about each other. It can work equally well between strangers or close friends.

How does Who Said That work?

Who Said That can be added to any Toasty session. After your audience has gone through the ice-breaking questions together and found their group-mates, they’ll compete against each other to guess “who said that?”.

  1. First, everyone will secretly answer a question (set by you as the host) on their own device.
  2. Then, answers will be shown one-by-one and everyone guesses who in their group submitted that answer.
  3. Points are awarded for correct guesses, so after a few rounds with different questions, the winner of each group is announced and the game is over

Because you can set the questions, as the host you can ensure you create the right experience for your event. For example, you can ask funny and silly questions to make the whole room laugh, or get serious so people really reflect and think about the topic.

We have loads of great templates to quickly add questions or inspire you, so you don’t need to write all your own questions from scratch.

How to use Who Said That at a community networking event

The best way to break the ice and get people sharing and communicating is to make it fun. Who Said That is a super simple way to have your community members play a game where they can learn about each other while having fun.

I would recommend using Toasty with Who Said That at your next community event after the main content (presentation, panel discussion, Q&A). It’s the perfect way to wrap up the talks and lead into networking time, because everyone will be warmed up and quickly becoming friends.

Here are some of my favorite questions to ask in Who Said That at a community event, where people are all interested the same topic but don’t really know each other yet:

  • Your challenge is to make someone laugh – how do you do it? – Get people thinking about making a great first impression!
  • What’s a wrong assumption that people often make about you? – Great for sharing honestly and building rapport.
  • What are your thoughts on: [controversial new trend in industry]? – Questions are fully customizable, so make it relevant to your community and maybe even start a friendly debate!

Here’s how you can set up this activity for your next community event:

  • First, set up your Toasty session with ice-breaker questions to put people together into groups. I always recommend bringing people together who have some similarities and some differences.
  • Now add a Who Said That activity to your session. It’s a great activity to start with, because it’s a friendly game-like way to form new bonds. If you also want to try Conversation Cards, do it after Who Said That so that people are feeling warm and comfortable.
  • By default, we start with three questions in a Who Said That activity. You can have as many as you like but 3-4 is a good starting point.
  • Check out our templates or try writing your own questions. We let you mix up any category, be it light, silly, topical and thought-provoking, so why not try a combination!

Tip: Remember Who Said That has a competitive element – a winner is chosen from each group. You could even award prizes to the winners! If two people have the same score, the person who was fastest to choose the correct answers is the winner.

Who Said That is available on all plans now, including our free plan. Try it out with some colleagues first if you want to fully understand all the steps, you can always reset the testing data for your session.

At Toasty, we’re enabling more and more of these experiences – fun games and ice-breakers that connect people and bring communities together. To us, it’s obvious that traditional free-form networking isn’t good enough, so we’re trying to make it better in simple ways, no fuss or friction. I’d love to hear what you think about the features we’ve been adding, just email me at [email protected]