Product: Autonomous Virtual Breakout Rooms, Password-Protected Sessions and More

Hello Toasties! Kevon here 🤟🏼 to share new releases of product features at Toasty.

In the last few weeks, we focused on features that add flexibility and security to your meeting session because we know it is a top priority in a lot of our users’ minds. This includes autonomous virtual breakout rooms, password-protected sessions, and a slick Google Slide presentation mode. Read on!

Open Room: Participants Move Freely Between Virtual Breakout Rooms

If you’re familiar with the concept of breakout rooms, you might have already noticed a limitation – why are people limited in one room? 

Wouldn’t it be more collaborative if everyone is allowed to make their own choices?

Now on Toasty within your interactive agenda, you can create an “Open Room” block with unlimited themed virtual breakout rooms. During this time, participants can move around as they wish.

Autonomous Virtual Breakout Rooms,
This is the open room block to add to your agenda.

You can set themes based on interest/topics, or some teachers like to set a quiet room vs a discussion room. It is up to you how you want to design it.

Here is a video to show you how it works:

Had a Screen Sharing Nightmare? Present Directly with Google Slide Integration

If you have used screen sharing before, you know it is not the best experience:

  1. It consumes a lot of internet bandwidth, making things slow.
  2. You cannot see other participants anymore, they cannot see you too.
  3. It is not crystal clear.
  4. Sometimes you accidentally show other windows.

This is why we have Google Slide integration, and now you can easily present with ease.

Add a Password to Protect Your Session

Security is important.

So we are letting you add a password to your session if you want to.

Go into your Session > Settings > Password Protection and turn it on. Your participants will need this 4-digit code to get in.

And this is what participants see when they join. They can also test their video/audio, another new feature on Toasty.

This is just the start

You can see that we believe the future of virtual meetings is not entirely controlled by the meeting host. Participants are given a high level of autonomy and tools for collaboration to achieve goals.

If you have any insights or ideas to share about this, would love to chat more! You can find me at [email protected] and see you later!

🤞🏼 Security is a top priority at Toasty. If you want more information around it, please reach out to us. Also, go check out the new features on Toasty now!