Product: New Agenda view to pre-plan engagement

Hi all, Kevon here. 👋🏻

A lot of people ask: why are there so many bad virtual meetings?

It is because most video meeting platforms don’t allow you to plan what goes into your virtual meeting: agenda & interactions. You end up manage things on the go, and that often goes out of control.

How do we improve it for you at Toasty?

With our new updates, you can now structure interactions beforehand on a timeline. You can select the form of engagement and decide whether it is for the whole group or for breakout groups.

This puts your meeting on track and you can finally focus on getting the group to achieve those meeting outcomes.

So if you want to level up your game, try our new agenda view to pre-plan engagement in your next meeting.

The new Agenda view is available now in your Toasty account! Now it is time for planning, when is your next virtual meeting or workshop coming up?