Activities are basic building blocks that make up an Agenda

Activities are our building blocks and what basic unit of our Agenda. There are four types of activities.


  • Also known as “Conversation Cards”, this activity is our most popular and one of the most powerful. 

    As a host, you can plan one or more topic questions. Either ask your own or pick from hundreds of sample questions from popular categories.

    When you run this activity, each participant will be given the spotlight to speak on or answer the topic question.

    Each participant can see the time remaining in the activity and can adjust the duration of their answer.


  • To get a quick opinion and survey the group you’re working with, one of the quickest ways is the poll.

    When you run this activity, participants can voice their opinion by voting once. And will be able to see other votes only after they’ve submitted their vote, avoiding groupthink.


  • This activity gives everyone a chance to think individually or work as a team to figure out an answer together.

    When you run this activity, participants can use the allotted time to think deeply about your question, forming a written response.

    And if you plan this activity inside a group, it becomes a group exercise. Participants inside the group work on a shared notepad and anyone there can submit the response on behalf of the group.


  • This activity offers flexibility to do something custom.
    Watch a video, collaborate on a Miro board, or sit still for a quick 2-minute meditation, the sky's the limit.

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