Intuitive Breakout Rooms

Toasty enables everyone to breakout into groups at the same time, keeping everyone on the same page.

Intuitive Breakout rooms
Auto assign participants into group

Auto assign participants into groups

  • The easiest option. Participants will be grouped by random, according to the number of people per group.

    Keep in mind that as a host, you can manage participants by putting them into different groups at any time.

Breakouts based on a poll result

  • Sometimes you need to do better than “let’s form groups by random”.

    When your participants have a difference of opinions, you can decide to group similar voices to develop more depth, or group different voices to develop diversity.
Breakouts based on a poll result
Free roaming “Open Rooms”

Free roaming “Open Rooms”

  • These topic rooms are set up for a free-to-roam experience. Hosts can set up a time for Open Rooms. Participants can join in and participate in any topic rooms as they please.

    Hosts can bring the Open Rooms activity to an end, and bring everyone back to the main room at any time.

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