As a Toasty Host, you have a ton of power at your fingertips.

As a Toasty Host, you have a ton of power at your fingertips.

Design your Agenda

One of the most important things to have an agenda - a clear plan for discussion topics, questions and activities, all organized in a particular sequence.

Agenda Meeting

Toasty’s Agenda is made up of Activity blocks.

Each activity specifies an interactive way that participants can engage.

See the types of activities you can create on Toasty.

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Toasty Activity type

Moderate with fine controls

Starting a Toasty session as a Host grants you to have “Moderator” access, which allows you finer controls over the audio and video experience of your participants.

You can fine-tune the participants by optionally having them start with microphones and/or cameras off.

At the beginning of a keynote or when transitioning in between breakouts, you can choose to mute all participants.

If you are currently the Moderator and have co-hosts in your Toasty session, you can grant Moderator access to any other co-host.

Toasty moderators

Whether you are running all-hands across 14 cities, or design thinking workshops for 50 participants,
Toasty sessions provide a variety of interactions to make meetings collaborative and keep people happy.

Make meaningful connections a priority

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