As a Toasty Participant, enjoy an effortless and engaging experience

Toasty Participant, enjoy an effortless and engaging meeting experience.

Activity Panel

The Activity Panel is the main area where participants engage. It’s where all the interactive actions are taken.


Time is a scarce resource, especially in meetings. With an ever-present timer, participants can see how much time is remaining in each activity, and can work together to keep everyone on time and make progress.

Video View

Participants can toggle between presenter mode where they can see the active speaker in “big video” or keep everyone in the meeting in a grid format. 

Toasty Participant, enjoy an effortless and engaging meeting experience.

Google Docs

Docs are a great way to walk through a document together. Your participants are given temporary read-only access to the document or spreadsheet. 

Google docs


As a popular online collaborative whiteboard solution, participants experience a collaborative environment that’s integrated with their video meeting. When a Miro board is shared, participants will automatically see the board in their Activity Panel. 


The permissions are controlled according to the Miro board owner, when they select it from the Board chooser

The person sharing can also bring all other participants’ attention to the board in case they wander off.

Miro boards

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