Quickly form like-minded group chats among your audience inles than 1-minute

We're all desperate for learning, people coming to your event are no different. Use Toasty to divide your participants to talk about topics they're passionate about in real-time. It is this easy.

Why should I?

Reach your attendees through targetting

Help your event participants to talk about the topic they want


Add some fun to your event, loosening up the audience


Strengthen the bonding between participants and make them happy

How does it work?

100% engagement rate with your audience

With one quick scan, all your participants enter onto Toasty together. Each of them will be able to propose any topic they would like to talk about, Toasty then does the magic to form group chats based on dedicated topics.

You can also engage the whole room using Toasty. We even have a dashboard on projector or TV to facilitate the fun!

Instantly assign a group an topic

When a small group is formed, a group number is assigned and show up instantly on everyone's phone.

Next? Go find your group mates and start chatting.

Powerful connections between 2-4 people

What is one thing that ties people together? Learning.

When we're all passionate about a topic and start talking, we form stronger bonding and connections. This is how you meet your new friends, business partners, or even customers.

Want to use Toasty?

Contact us to bring us to your events or conferences. kevon.cheung@toasty.ai | vanessa.mok@toasty.ai