Use Cases

Find out how companies and event organizers use Toasty


Corporate Strategy Meetings

Before discussing company's top priorities, allow the leaders to know each other on a deeper level.

Conferences Networking Parties

Instantly add a fun matching element to the awkward networking.

Workshops Encourage Cross-department Interactions

Get employees to meet one another even if they don't work together.

Conferences Business Matching Programs

Forget the traditional business matching program. Put together a modern, interactive one to ensure your attendees are meeting the right people.

Communities Icebreaking for Networking

Every event ends with a boring networking session. Give people a reason to meet a new friend.

Workshops Lunch & Learn

Often seen as a one-way sharing, add interactions to make it a dynamic group learning opportunity.

Conferences Speed Networking Programs

People love meeting people, but they don't know who to meet. Give them a reason.

Workshops Form Learning Groups

Learning comes best when people are discussing and sharing in small groups. Break the room into learning groups.

Conferences Roundtable Discussions

Gather around an expert and discuss a specific topic with like-minded people.

Corporate Orientations

A new group of talents is coming into your company, get them to know each other better to improve work productivity in the future.

Make it fun and interactive for your audience. 

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