Connect event delegates to the right conversations and business relationships

Toasty’s business matchmaking software is powered by Artificial Intelligence to analyze and recommend matches for your event delegates, improving their networking experience at your event and increasing their likelihood to close more deals.

Are your delegates making valuable business connections at your event? 


You’ve organized a conference or exhibition and gathered all the best people.  

Sadly, meeting people without knowing if they’re the right ones is painful for every of your delegates.

Toasty helps your delegates network better and smarter.  

Toasty recommends you only the top people you should meet.

How it works

Toasty connects your delegates to their best possible matches

Our A.I. technology analyzes each delegate's profile thoroughly. The intelligent matching algorithm smartly pair up delegate based on what they’re looking for from your event.

Your delegates view the recommendations before the event and invite to connect in a single tap.

Toasty helps every one of your delegates meet the right people for the right conversations, all while tracking business networking and engagement data in real time and providing you important event ROI data.

What organizer says

"I really appreciate the thoughtful ness and thoroughness of the Toasty team when they worked with us on our event. We didn't have much to worry about and everything turned out great!"

Markey Tan Conference Organizer of CHina CHat, Greater Bay Sharing Forum, Startup Impact Summit

How Toasty fits into your event

Work with our team to define a unique matchmaking criteria

We work with you to define the most important data points to feed into our A.I. engine to make recommendations at your event smarter.

Onboard your delegates 3 weeks before your event

We invite your attendees to Toasty to create a profile designed for matchmaking purpose.

Get real-time insights while the matching happens

You can track the matchmaking results to discover patterns in your delegate’s behaviour, so you can dive in to make your future events more successful.

Present a personalized pocket-PA to every delegate

During your event, Toasty’s mobile optimized interface becomes every delegate’s personal assistant to power-networking. They can see top recommendations, initiate chats, and schedule meetings.

Why Toasty is the ideal business matchmaking platform


Delegates’ experience first

Match and help your delegate build insightful business relationships powered by A.I. technology.


Make your event effective

Taking home value is what makes an event successful. Boost business networking effectiveness and nurture more business opportunities.


Turn data into insights  

Understand your delegates and their interactions help you organize better events.


Maximize your sponsor’s ROI

Increase your sponsors’ visibility on our business matchmaking platform and provide provable and measurable ROI.

Match. Meet. Make deals. 

Level up your events now through Toasty's intelligent matchmaking software!

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