Gamify your event networking to make it fun and inclusive

Toasty is a free live platform designed for icebreaking and bringing people physically together in events and gatherings. It’s easy, instant and interactive.

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How it works for participants

1. Scan the QR code to join instantly

2. Answer fun, customizable icebreaker questions

3. Connect in-person through Toasty-powered activities

People connect best when they learn and share with each other while having fun. Toasty makes it easy to add fun and effective connection activities to your gatherings, meetings or events.

If you already love to engage your audience with interactive live polls and quizzes, take it to the next level by connecting your audience to each other. Icebreaking now and unlock valuable peer-to-peer interactions!

Perfect for

Corporate Whether it is a meeting or an orientation, before diving into key topics, warm the participants up and make sure everyone is ready to contribute.

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Meet a Toasty user

“Toasty is a moment dedicated to human-to-human discovery whilst having fun. It blended with the event flow smoothly aligning with what our interests are, so that we can concentrate on the people in front of us!"  

Alexandru Agatinei Facilitator at Techstars Startup Weekend & Startup Programs Manager at How to Web

How did Alexandru & Techstars Startup Weekend engage personal connections with live-technology? Read more here

Why use Toasty for your next occasion?

Easy to implement and fun guaranteed

Break down the wall instantly and give people a reason to connect

Strengthen the bond of your people through learning and sharing

Make your event networking fun and inclusive

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