Connect event delegates to the right conversations and business relationships

Toasty’s business matchmaking software is powered by Artificial Intelligence to analyze and recommend matches for your event delegates, improving their networking experience at your event and increasing their likelihood to close more deals.

Are your delegates making valuable business connections at your event? 


You’ve organized a conference or exhibition and gathered all the best people.  

Sadly, meeting people without knowing if they’re the right ones is painful for every of your delegates.

Toasty helps your delegates network better and smarter.  

Toasty recommends you only the top people you should meet.

How it works


Toasty connects your delegates to their best possible matches

Our A.I. technology analyzes each delegate's profile thoroughly. The intelligent matching algorithm smartly pair up delegate based on what they’re looking for from your event.

Your delegates view the recommendations before the event and invite to connect in a single tap.

Toasty helps every one of your delegates meet the right people for the right conversations, all while tracking business networking and engagement data in real time and providing you important event ROI data.

How Toasty fits into your event


Work with our team to define a unique matchmaking criteria

We work with you to define the most important data points to feed into our A.I. engine to make recommendations at your event smarter.


Onboard your delegates 3 weeks before your event

We invite your attendees to Toasty to create a profile designed for matchmaking purpose.


Get real-time insights while the matching happens

You can track the matchmaking results to discover patterns in your delegate’s behaviour, so you can dive in to make your future events more successful.


Present a personalized pocket-PA to every delegate

During your event, Toasty’s mobile optimized interface becomes every delegate’s personal assistant to power-networking. They can see top recommendations, initiate chats, and schedule meetings.

Why Toasty is the ideal business matchmaking platform


Delegates’ experience first

Match and help your delegate build insightful business relationships powered by A.I. technology.


Make your event effective

Taking home value is what makes an event successful. Boost business networking effectiveness and nurture more business opportunities.


Turn data into insights  

Understand your delegates and their interactions help you organize better events.


Maximize your sponsor’s ROI

Increase your sponsors’ visibility on our business matchmaking platform and provide provable and measurable ROI.

Match. Meet. Make deals. 

Level up your events now through Toasty's intelligent matchmaking software!

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Enhance your delegates' event experience by integrating smart matchmaking

Toasty analyzes profiles to match your delegates

Sophisticated algorithm Toasty's A.I. technology scans through every data point to understand your delegates

Totally configurable Every event is different. You can tell us your most important matching criteria to create a unique formula

Friction-free setup Integration with LinkedIn makes it easy to login and get started


Smart recommendations make conferences valuable

Meet the right people Delegates meet potential prospects and build valuable business relationships during your event

Powerful search Delegates can search and filter profiles to find the right conversations and avoid wasting time

Behavioural learning As meetings progress, our A.I. algorithm knows what matter to your delegates and becomes smarter over time

Book meetings with a single click

Meeting schedule Your deleates can view own schedule alongside other’s schedule and receives suggested available time slot to meet

Mutual interest A meeting is confirmed only when both delegates agree

Personal information is hidden No email or mobile number is shared until both parties agree to connect

Match. Meet. Make deals.

Start using A.I. business matchmaking to improve your event!

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Personalized schedule

Personalized Schedule

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Scheduling & Matching screens

Get the most out of your event

Maximize brand

Maximize your brand

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Reach your attendees through targetting

Reach your attendees through targeting

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Get data and measure ROI

Get data and measure ROI

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Match. Meet. Make deals.

Start using A.I. business matchmaking to improve your event!

Seamlessly connects delegates from online matchmaking to offline meetings

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Powerful and Easy to Use

The Toasty platform is web-based, so there’s nothing to download and no friction to get started. 

The Toasty's user experience is carefully crafted to be intuitive and engaging.

Key features

  • AI business matchmaking Give your delegates the power of intelligent matching so they can meet with the right people and get the most from your event.
  • Event data analytics Collect valuable data and uncover insights and trends on delegate interaction and connection.
  • Sponsors and partners Increase your sponsorship value by easily sharing overview data and maximizing exposure for your sponsors and partners.

Match. Meet. Make deals.

Start using A.I. business matchmaking to improve your event!

Understand your event's engagement level by collecting and analyzing matchmaking data

Collect an ocean of data to improve your next event

Trackable meeting metrics Understand your event ROI by measuring meeting requests, confirmed meetings and conversation frequency

Foreseeable future Make use of data like delegate’s interests to improve your next event


Leverage your event engagement

Detailed delegate’s data Draw valuable demographics and interest data from your delegates

A successful event spans across a wide timeframe Increase your event engagement pre-event, during-event, and post-event

You're in control

Improve your next event with data Visualize your event through our intuitive data analytics dashboard

Total control over your data Manage, modify, and make use of your event data


Match. Meet. Make deals.

Start using A.I. business matchmaking to improve your event!

Increase event ROI for your sponsors, exhibitors, and partners.

sponsor matching

Maximize exposure for your sponsors and partners

Allow your sponsors and partners to become VIP profiles on the Toasty platform, sending relevant leads directly to them with no manual work needed.

Share overview data summary and networking reports  

Automatically share summary event data with your sponsors, giving them insights into the topics that drove engagement. They also receive a report into their own connections powered by the Toasty matchmaking platform.

Co-brand to level up your sponsorship package  

Give your sponsors another way to gain measurable exposure by co-branding the Toasty platform. With the right sponsor partner, your conference can be the best networking opportunity of the year.

Match. Meet. Make deals.

Start using A.I. business matchmaking to improve your event!

Our Mission

Toast (noun) : Holding up a glass to celebrate a new relationship.  

As the world gets more online, there is one thing that remains offline. It is the way we start and nurture business relationships. This is why large scale events such as conferences and expos are growing rapidly around the globe. 

There is only one problem - every delegate experiences the same event regardless of her interest and preference. At Toasty, we believe in a future of personalization where each delegate’s needs and wants are catered. We started Toasty to transform our customer’s events through data technology and artificial intelligence, and we’re starting with smart business matchmaking. 

So friends, let's give a toast to building a future where everyone's event experience is intelligent and persoalized.

Our People

A group of passionate believers who wants to deliver a curated and personalized business event experience.

Kevon Cheung

Kevon Cheung CEO 

Marco Au

Marco Au CTO

Jack Hallahan

Jack Hallahan Head of Product 

Evangeline Chan

Evangeline Chan Design 

Didier Krux

Didier Krux Engineering

Ada Tang

Ada Tang Design

Hyun Jae Park Engineering 

Carlie Yeung

Carlie Yeung Operations


Our People

A group of passionate believers who wants to deliver a curated and personalized business event experience.

Kevon Cheung

Kevon Cheung CEO 

Marco Au

Marco Au CTO

Jack Hallahan

Jack Hallahan Head of Product 

Evangeline Chan

Evangeline Chan Design

Didier Krux

Didier Krux Engineering

Ada Tang

Ada Tang Design

Hyun Jae Park Engineering 


Carlie Yeung Operations


Our Toasty Life

We believe in work and play. 

Want to be one of us?

If you are excited by our vision of the future, and want to solve super challenging problems, we are hiring!

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction Toasty cares about the privacy of its users. It is Toasty’s policy to respect the privacy of its users in the data we collect, store and use. This privacy policy came into effect on June 1st, 2019.  

2. Purpose of this Policy The purpose of this privacy policy (hereafter referred to as the "Policy") is to inform you of the means by which we collect and process your personal data, with the strictest respect for your rights.  

3. Definition and nature of personal data and information Whenever you use the digital platform available at https://toasty.ai (hereafter referred to as the "Platform"), for the purposes of using the provided networking services that enable you, we may request some personal information.  

We also collect some of your personal data when you register directly on the Platform to participate in an event, or when an event organizer wishes to provide you with our services at an event for which you are registered. In this case the organizer may share your contact details with us so that we can contact you and provide the service to you.  

The term "personal data" refers to any and all information which enables an individual to be identified, including but not limited to your first and last names, postal address, email address, telephone number, data of action and behavior on the Platform, as well as any other information about you which you may choose to provide us with.  

Other data and information which does not allow you to be personally identified may be generated based on your usage of the services offered by the Platform. The Policy does not cover all the uses of those anonymous data.  

4. Collection and handling of personal data Your personal data may be collected and handled for the following purposes:  

(i) To manage your access to and use of the services available on the Platform. (ii) To carry out customer management operations relating to contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, follow-up with customers, etc. (iii) To compare against other user data to compile a list of other users for you to interact with. (iv) To allow other users of the service and registered to the same event to request to interact with you. (v) To issue newsletters, invitations and promotional advertisements. You can opt-out of this usage at any time. (vi) To send you suggestions for networking connections with other users of the Platform (vii) To analyze Platform usage and monitor technology used for delivering our services. (viii) To manage reviews on products, services or content. (ix) To manage unpaid invoices and potential disputes regarding the use of our products and services. (x) To adhere to our legal and regulatory obligations.  

For all personal data we collect, we will advise whether the data is mandatory to deliver the service for you or can be optionally provided to improve your experience.  

We may collect your data indirectly from organizers of events which you are attending in order to communicate and deliver the service to you. We may also collect your data from other users of the Platform, including by their providing us access to a contact list or similar.  

5. Sharing of the collected data Our company's staff, auditing authorities and our subcontractors will have access to your personal data.  

For the purposes of the networking service, we will also provide your personal data to the organizers of professional events for which you are registered and for which you have used the services of the Platform. The event organizer may access and use this data for the same purposes and under the same conditions as those referred to in this Policy. The event organizer remains solely responsible for their respect of their own legal and declarative obligations with regard to their processing of your personal data, which they carry out themselves, with their own means and for their own requirements. We are only responsible for our own use of your personal data, excluding any other use by the event organizer.  

We may also provide your data to government officers or legal instruments for the sole purpose of meeting applicable regulatory and legal obligations.  

Your personal data will not be shared with any other third party, with the exception of the organizers of events for which you are registered and for whom we are using your data to provide our services.  

Furthermore, we may share with the organizers of events for which you are registered data about how you used the services as provided by the Platform, including interactions with other users.  

6. Linked content and services The Platform may include links to various external content and services, including links that are added by other users. Content that is linked to from the Platform does not fall under the Policy and we have no control of how these external services may collect and use your personal data. We invite you to seek out the privacy policy of these external services before providing any personal data to them.  

7. Data retention Your personal data shall not be retained any longer than is necessary for the management of our business with you. However, data proving the existence of a right or a contract must be kept in order to adhere to legal obligations and shall be held for the term stipulated by the applicable law.  

Data regarding the services, operations or commercial prospecting for customers may be held for a period of 3 years after the termination of all business relationship.  

Personal data regarding prospective customers may be held from 3 years from when it was first collected, and we may contact prospective customers again after this time to confirm whether they still wish us to keep their data for commercial solicitation.  

Personal data that is collected and held for the purposes of improving our services, including usage and interaction data, will be kept for a maximum of up to 2 years.  

8. Security and hosting We take all reasonable precautions and appropriate measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal data.  

The data collected and used in the delivery of our services are hosted by Amazon Web Services located in Hong Kong.  

9. Cookies In delivering our services, we use cookies, which are commonly used files stored within your Web Browser. We use cookies for the purposes of delivering our services, including to identify your user profile and improve your experience, such as saving your preferences. We may also use cookies provided by social networks to deliver functionality such as user authentication or social network sharing. These cookies may be used by the social media platforms to monitor user behaviour on third party platforms including ours.  

In using cookies to deliver functionality, understand platform usage, improve your experience and provide customer support, we may also use cookies from other common third-party services.  

You may configure your browser to refuse the storage of cookies, however your experience of the services provided by the Platform may be degraded.  

10. Consent Providing your personal data and using the services we offer represents your express consent for the collection and use of this data as described in this Policy.  

11. Access to your personal data You are able to access, update or delete your personal data provided to us via your account online. You may also make requests related to your personal data to support@toasty.ai.

12. Amendments We reserve the right to amend this Policy at any moment, at our sole discretion, either in its entirety or in part. Such amendments shall come into effect once the new Policy is published. Your use of the Platform following the entry into effect of these amendments, shall constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of the new Policy. Failing that, and if you are not in agreement with the new Policy, you should refrain from accessing the Platform.  

5 Small Business Website Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Madeline Carpenter

Getting Started

Whether you’re building your first website or optimizing a current one, there comes a time for every entrepreneur to revisit what makes an outstanding small business website.

Afterall, you need your website to do it all: represent your business, capture leads, close sales, climb to the top of search engine results, and connect to all your other digital platforms seamlessly. And you—you have to do it all too: choose your content, write & design your pages, connect your marketing tools, test it out, and not spend a million dollars or hours getting from A to B to blastoff.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the 5 proven tips that will help take you from ‘I need a website’ to ‘my website does wonders for my business.’  

Need Some Help Getting Your Small Business Online?

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1 – Start with preparing a website strategy

Any successful small business website has one commonality: a well thought through strategy. With a plan in place, you’re teed off for success when it comes to supporting lead generation goals. Your website plan should answer the following ten questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your website’s goal or goals? (Rank and prioritize them!)
  • What functionality will your website have? (what’s critical and what’s a ‘nice to have’?)
  • What information do you need/want to give website visitors

2 – Set a clear page hierarchy

After you have developed the overall goals and a blueprint with tips on creating a website for your business, the next step is making it easy for website visitors to find content. To do this, make sure your page hierarchy is clear.

Social Media Today suggests bucketing your content by theme and importance. Try physically drawing a plan as you create a high-level outline. Most people freeze up at this point so it’s important to visualize your website structure!  

3 – Keep it (so so) simple

Simple design and text are essential to an effective small business website. An overly complicated website doesn’t convert. Too many page elements lead to website visitor confusion.

So, long story short, uncluttered visuals and text have the most significant impact on your audience. And, while we’re on the subject of simplicity, keeping your color scheme minimal is key, too. Two to three colors is all you need to make an impact.

Be pragmatic in your color selection and fortify the use of white space within your small business website design. “This is not the time to show off your design acumen, with lots of distracting sounds and lights on the site and every icon known to web-kind,” says Nationwide.  

4 – Maintain well-defined calls to action

As a small business, you don’t need to be coy, Roy. Clearly state what you want people to do.

Use phrases like, “Subscribe to our newsletter,” “Book your reservation now” or “Email us for a free quote today.” After you identify your page structure, sketch out your content sections and maintain well-defined CTAs, then layer in conversion opportunities like pop-ups, alert bars, and more! Your lead forms should be prominent and enticing as well.  

5 – Make your design responsive

Did you know 90% of small business websites don’t keep the smaller devices’ screen size in mind when creating websites? And around 30% of all website traffic is mobile. 

Before publishing anything on the web, always consider desktop and mobile devices. “Having a site that isn’t mobile optimized can drive away customers, hurt your SEO and look unprofessional,” notes Small Business Trends writer Ann Pilon.  

The finale: last tidbits on small business website tips

So there you have it… we hope these 5 tips for building an effective business website were consumable and prompt action as you embark on creating your small business website. 

About the Author

Madeline Carpenter is the founder of Market ‘Til You Make It. When she’s not serving her clients, she geeks out on board games, cider, and challenging her friends to top her awesome karaoke skills. She calls Bloomington, Minnesota home.


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